Pokey La Farge

Pokey La Farge (solo)

Pokey LaFarge is a musician. He is a storyteller. He is a feeler of feelings. He is a narrator of the messy, unkempt American experience. He sits, he watches, he writes. Everything that’s worth happening happens in his songs. Like the long line of writers and performers he descends from, music isn’t something Pokey does – it’s something he is.

Having released nine albums since 2006 including 2017’s critically acclaimed Manic Revelations, as well as featuring on Jack White’s 2012 LP Blunderbuss, Pokey LaFarge continues to evolve and reinvent himself as an artist, tinkering with both solo and full band arrangements that defiantly elude any one genre. As for what’s on the horizon, LaFarge insists “You’re going to hear a myriad of different styles and presentations. Hopefully more piano, a little more electric guitar.

A lot more minimalism, a lot more space between rhythm and melody. A lot more poetry. And it’s going to be weirder and darker and more beautiful and sexier going forward. That is my pursuit.”