Sean McMahon


Over the past decade, Melbourne artist Sean McMahon has honed a unique voice with a poetic, melodic style of song writing, weaving vivid storytelling, confessional narratives and lyrical beauty with elements of folk, rock’n’roll and alt-country.  On his new LP, ‘You Will Know When You’re There’, he has distilled his influences into an exceptional selection of songs that are full of life and straight from the heart. From the stark confession of the album’s opener ‘One Foot Out The Door’ and ‘Angel At Your Back’s reflections of ‘Waiting For My Man’, to the sheer intimacy of ‘Outsider Blues’ or ‘Just For An Hour’, McMahon brings a quiet yet commanding authority, delivering song after song in way that’s wholly believable and moving.  There’s a captivating intimacy and authenticity to his music that’s rare to find, a presence that not only exists on record but that’s undeniable with every performance. With his incredible band the Owls beside him, to bring each songs to life, this is an act not be missed.