The Easy Leaves

The Easy Leaves performances span the gap between the worlds of raucous barroom revelry and Sunday morning gospel-tent revivals. Hinting that the spirit of rowdy drunken celebration and old-time revival salvation may not be as separate as some might think. Floors will shake, music will roar, and spirits will flow from open taps and stomping souls – It’s all happened before and is sure to happen again.

The group formed north of the Golden Gate in 2008 when songwriters Sage Fifield and Kevin Carducci, together mired in influences ranging from country gospel criers and shakers to flailing punk rock debauchees, combined musical forces and took to the streets. Their original songs meander from bluegrass stomps to personal spirituals – minor swings to honky-tonk grinds, and even the occasional rolling waltz. While their style leans toward traditional ‘old-time’ American folk music, they consistently branch out beyond the narrow confines of genre, creating a distinctive 21st century acoustic sound. Lyric driven compositions are accompanied by percussive interplay between guitar and double bass – punctuated with dynamic vocal harmonies.