Music By Dead People. We love it. We cherish it. It’s all we have left. No-one’s gonna tour from the grave! But you can get just a little bit closer to your idols with artworks by music industry stalwart, tour and festival promoter BT of Love Police. Take an abstract, pop art(ish) journey through colourful memories of BT’s musical heroes who are currently performing at the big gig in the sky. Join recent signings Tom Petty and Aretha Franklin, as they intertwine with greats like Lou Reed, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash and oh so much more.

Brian “BT” Taranto is many things, a festival and concert promoter, a music merchandise mogul with his company Love Police, and when he has some time or a vibe, apparently an Artist! After spending over 30 years on the rock ‘n roll highway you can expect to see to a heavy musical influence in the artworks on show, personal reflections and images of a life of quality tunes and good times. This will be a continuation of 2018’s show at the Byron School Of Arts. BT’s first exhibition was a sold out show at Sydney’s Mart gallery in 2012.