NEW BOARDING LOCATION: 30 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands at the end of Merchant Street (Immediately in front of the Ericsson Building and the Watermark Bar, close by the NAB building) at 10.45am - see map.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure with your scannable ticket.

You will receive a buffet of snacks when you board the ferry at Docklands to the event and you will receive your limited-edition event poster on the ferry back to Docklands after the event.

Please note: Any persons showing any signs of intoxication will not be permitted on the return ferry journey to Docklands in adherence to licensing and water safety requirements.


- We strongly encourage you not to drive to the event. Parking is extremely limited and time restricted (who wants their day ruined with parking fines?!). Plus, you should really enjoy the fabulous beverages we have for you (responsibly of course).


- You can catch the Train from Flinders Street to Williamstown (with a quick transfer at Newport Station). It’s a lovely 600m walk from Williamstown Station to Seaworks.


- You can take the 471 bus towards Williamstown from Newport Railway Station and take the stop at Nelson Place.

You can plan your trip HERE.

We discourage people bringing their own chairs to Out on the Weekend. Seaworks is not a huge site, or a grassy lawn, that will support large picnic style groups. It is an industrial space, all of which will become apparent upon arrival. We want the site to not have bottlenecks or congestion due to chairs in the pathways, and we certainly don’t want chairs to impact the proximity of people viewing the bands. There are picnic tables, chairs and seating spaces to accommodate an amount of the crowd at all times throughout the day (especially so you can enjoy the delicious food). Bring your own seating if you must, but be aware it will not be allowed in the areas directly in front of the stages. We thank you for your understanding and co-operation in advance.

Pass outs will only be granted on special request at the gate on arrival. Please do not request pass outs unless they are absolutely required. Pass outs will be approved on a discretionary basis.

Can’t find your tickets to the event? It’s ok, you can contact the box office at ticketing@cglive.com.au or on 1300 724 867. They will be able to help you out. You can also bring your photo ID (assuming you purchased the tickets under this name) and we can assist you at the gate. If your friend or someone else has purchased the ticket for you, you will need to have that person’s contact number and they will need to be called for verification.

Please consider the environment before printing your tickets. All tickets can be scanned from your mobile device.

An ATM will be available at the event for cash withdrawals. EFTPOS and credit card facilities will be available at the Bar and merchandise stand for purchases only. No EFTPOS or credit card facilities will be available at food vendors.

Should the event not sell out, tickets will be available at the gate via cash or EFTPOS.

• No alcohol – this is a licensed event, strictly no BYO
• Please do not bring: cans, glass, knives, tables, couches, beanbags, no tents or sun shelters
• No professional cameras (unless you have been accredited by our Publicity Team)
• No animals (except guide dogs)
• No aggression

• Your ticket and Photo ID
• Cash & credit cards
• Sealed bottled water
• Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat – make sure you Slip Slop Slap during the day
• A warm jacket as it can get very cold after sunset
• Umbrellas, if the weather is looking that way. There are plenty of undercover areas.
• Chairs / Seating - please refer to the above “Chairs & Seating at the Event” section

• Food is permitted (we understand some people have special dietary requirements or are bringing their children) however we encourage you to experience the incredible edibles from our food vendors it would be a crime not to try it!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to licensing laws, your bags may be subject to bag check upon arrival.